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    The film is a secret love triangle filled with the longing and waiting of close friends. Hajime-kun is Kou's boyfriend and also Arina's best friend, but more and more he realizes that the person he has real feelings for is Arina, not Kou. Arina, of course, easily realizes this, but because she doesn't want to break her friendship with Kou, she often silently expresses her feelings for him. When she heard that Kou had to go to the city for a graduation internship next month, Arina secretly made an appointment with Hajime to inform her and at the same time she did not forget to set some conditions that if he wanted to have sex with her as much as he wanted. From now on until the end of the month you are not allowed to have sex with Kou, nor masturbate. From that moment on, he completely changed. He abstained from masturbation and also refused to have sex every time Kou became horny. Time flies, so a month has passed and now is the glorious moment to immerse yourself in the secret love affairs of the young couple.